We believe that adolescents are far more capable than they let on. Over the past 30-50 years, we have "helicopter parented" and "standardized tested" away their responsibilities, and thus their capabilities.

The information age is unearthing the forgotten potential of our youth. Just look at what some of our impassioned teens are capable of: Steve JobsBill GatesMark ZuckerburgJack DorseyAaron LevieMatt Mullenweg, and the list goes on...

Our youth have something that many of us have lost: an unadulterated perspective that's percolating with creativity and malleability. Through this academy, we look to harness this potential by jettisoning them into the world of modern entrepreneurship.

Our programming includes lessons on:

  • The persistent mindset of an entrepreneur
  • What makes an idea "good"
  • Basics of programming and design
  • Sales, negotiations, & pitching
  • Budgeting, business models, accounting, and economics
  • Logistics of creating and maintaining a business entity
  • How to test your product and scale

We believe in starting small and aiming big. Every student who is accepted into our program will create a profitable business over our 7 week curriculum and be given the opportunity to raise capital from real investors.

Past Teen Startup Academy Companies