Contemporary Business Plan - Why it's essential, the critical components and how it fits into modern day entrepreneurship

Entrepreneur's Mentality  - What makes a successful entrepreneur and how to look at the world and problems

Startup Culture -A deep dive into what makes the startup culture different and special, and most importantly: how to fit in!

Choosing an Idea - What is a good idea, how to find them, and how to avoid the bad ones

Market Validation - How to truly validate a market need and test if an idea will work

Business Model - What are the elements of a successful companies business model and how to create one for yourself

Choosing a Name - Why is Toyota a great name but Phylbreux a bad one

Nuts & Bolts

Design Basics - The basic know-hows to begin designing

Website/ Logo Design - What are the important elements of website and logo design

User Interface - What is a user interface, why is it important and how to build one

User Experience - How does your users experience effect your company- and what are common themes hidden right in front of you!

Development Overview - What is development. How do you start. How are websites/apps built

HTML/CSS - Hyper Text Mark-up Language (the foundation of building a website) and Cascading Style Sheets (Bringing a design to the web)

Databases- How where and why we store data

Programming - A brief intro/overview of important languages, their differences, strengths and weaknesses

Dollars & Cents

Bank Accounts- Students open bank accounts and become the stewards of the life blood of any business, i.e. their cash. This is step is essential for students to learn the value of a dollar

Financial Education - What is capital? Why is accounting important? The different types of leverage. Why fixed versus variable costs matter? 


Budgets & Financial Modeling - Neglected by many younger entrepreneurs and respected by all veterans. Learn why! Also learn the basics of a financial modeling and GIGO stands for

Basic Economics - Elasticity, equilibrium and competitive forces, oh my! How does this impact companies today? How do the economics differ from industry to industry?

The Hustle

Negotiation - How to successfully negotiate to get what you want

Business Deals - How to approach, prepare for and ace a business deal

Sales - How to sell anything to anyone via relationship sales

Successful Networking - The important lessons needed to network like a professional


Marketing - How to get people to know about you

Growth Hacking - The new-age outlook on improving traditional marketing and getting users

A/B testing - Optimizing every element to ensure the best results.

Pitching a product- How to pitch a product to anyone succesfully

Building a Slide Deck - How to build a presentation on your company and present it 

Types of Capital - From Series Seed Convertible notes to pricing a Series D. Pre-money, Post Money Valuations and what this all means (and how to raise money properly!)

Types of investors - The difference between an Institution (Venture Capital), an Angel investor (and everyone in between!)

Talking to Investors - How to succesfully talk to investors so that they listen, and give you money!


 Leadership - How to be a leader 

Practice Pitch - Practice pitching and perfect your presentation skills


Demo Day - Present your startup to a room of local investors in an effort to raise real money for your company

Graduation - Review everything we have learned and graduate on to be alumni's of the Startup Academy. 

Take Away

Throughout this course we work closely with students every step of the way from coming up with an idea, building it, and eventually presenting to a group of investors with the hope of building a tangible and profitable company.